Ängsbacka Branding & Web Design

Beginning with in-depth research into Ängsbacka's history, mission, and community, we designed a logo that is both contemporary and timeless. The color palette was inspired by the lush green landscapes and serene environment of Ängsbacka. This branding seamlessly integrates across all touchpoints—ranging from print materials to onsite signage.

The deeper meaning behind the logo represents the inclusivity towards all uniqueness.

The website was crafted to provide users with an intuitive and immersive experience. High-quality visuals capture the spirit of Ängsbacka's gatherings, while the site architecture ensures easy navigation across courses, festivals, and community events. A responsive design ensures the website is accessible on all devices, while a user-friendly CMS allows for Ängsbacka's team to regularly update content.

The rejuvenated branding and web design not only reflects the ethos of Ängsbacka but also successfully engages its diverse community, ensuring that both newcomers and longtime members can connect, discover, and contribute with ease.


Ängsbacka, with its rich heritage and commitment to personal growth, community living, and sustainable practices, required a brand and online presence that truly mirrored its values, ambiance, and offerings.